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Garden Dibber ~ a.k.a. 'Dibble' or 'Dibbler'

A dibber is used to make holes in cultivated soil for planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings.

The planting depth is indicated in inches. Available in two sizes.

Your dibber will require minimum maintenance. I recommend cleaning after use and putting it away dry. It is finished with Linseed Oil and if you ever need to refinish the dibber, clean and dry it first, then wipe or brush on another coat of Linseed Oil. After 30 minutes, wipe off any excess oil and leave to cure for a few days before use.

4" Dibber
$12.00 CDN

Buy a 4 inch dibber now


6" Dibber
$14.00 CDN

Buy a 6 inch dibber now

Did you know?

  • In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, farmers used a long-handled dibber of metal or wood to plant wheat and other crops. One man would walk backwards with a pair of dibbers making holes about four inches apart. A second man would drop a seed into each hole and fill it in. It would take two days to plant an acre.

  • The dibber is also known as a 'dibble' or 'dibbler'.




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From a Satisfied Customer:

The dibblers just arrived in the mail! They are beautiful. Wouldn't you know I had just finished planting my current stash of bulbs only this afternoon--before my dibblers arrived. But I headed directly outside to the flower bed anyway and gave the smaller one a try. It works like a charm. I immediately noticed that  one advantage of your design is no sharp edges to slice bulbs and roots already existing in the ground. I intend to try them out for planting seeds in the next few weeks. I have a feeling your dibblers will be at least as valuable to me as my trowel is.

Thank you again for creating such charming, practical and nearly impossible-to-find dibblers.
M.L.  -  Oregon

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