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Very Very Frightening  -  a  sculptural  woodturning


"Very Very Frightening"
$315.00 CDN

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Very Very Frightening


180 x 150 x 60 mm  (lightning is 280mm long)
7 x 6 x 2.25 inches  (lightning is 11 inches long)


1.6 pounds


The body of this piece is made from maple with a very nice fiddleback figure. It was saved from the fire wood pile and the front face is just as it was left by the log splitter.

The bolt of lightning is made from African Blackwood.


Danish oil, polished to a sheen.


Decorative / Sculptural

This picture shows the true proportions of this piece.


This picture shows the jagged surface created by the log splitter, and the finer texture caused by the fiddleback figure. This is contrasted with the smoothness of the 'dish' and the jet-black 'bolt of lightning'.





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