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"Triplets I "


"Triplets I"




Triplets I
(this is the first of what I feel will be an unlimited series)


Each pot is about 9 inches tall and approximately 3 inches by 3 inches wide.


Black Cherry


Danish oil


Decorative. May be used to display dried grasses. Will not hold water.


This sculptural woodturning has been made from a single piece of black cherry which has been turned on multiple axes. It was first cut into three pieces which were then mounted on the lathe side by side, to turn first one face, then the remaining three faces. Finally each piece was turned individually to form the tops and bottoms.

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The life experience of these triplets has been nearly identical. They grew together in the same tree and were crafted by the same hands in the same workshop.

As a family they show a unity of character. As individuals they have their own unique personalities. One has a different 'spin' than the others. They may provoke considerable thought regarding the process by which they were crafted, and it may take some time to come to know the true nature of these triplets.

They are visually and tactually rich. They beg to picked up and played with; feeling the richness of their form and the qualities of their textures; holding them to the light and watching how the shadows play across their surfaces; examining the intersecting surfaces; setting them as a group in a myriad of arrangements. This is art you will want to interact with.





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