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Wedding Favor Boxes

Four styles of boxes are available for you to gift wrap your favors. If you can't decide which will suit you best, why not order a sample pack and see them for yourself?

To reduce shipping costs and ensure that they arrive in perfect condition, these boxes are shipped flat ready for assembly.

These boxes are only available for customers purchasing favors. You may however order more boxes than bottle stoppers if, for example, you need extra to pack the children's favors.


Why don't you include boxes in the price of the favors?

Not everyone will want to buy boxes from us. There are many styles of packaging available, and some customers may find something that suits them better elsewhere.

Why do you only sell these boxes to customers buying favors?

Quite simply because I don't make a profit selling these boxes at this price. I am keeping the price as low as possible and making them available as a service to my wedding favor customers.

Can I buy these boxes cheaper elsewhere?

If you are buying more than 50, it could well pay you to buy direct from my supplier, or one closer to home. They are quite heavy and you will certainly save on shipping costs if you buy direct.

Truffle Box

The oblique sides and glued side joint make this a very attractive box.

$0.60 CDN each

Buy truffle boxes


Bow Box

A pretty box with a clever closure and glued side joint.

$0.60 CDN each

Buy bow boxes


Pillow Box

An ivory colored box made from corrugated plastic.  The simplest box to assemble!

$0.60 CDN each

Buy pillow boxes


Gift Box

An inexpensive box, but the side tucks make it a little less attractive than the boxes with glued sides.

$0.40 CDN each

Buy gift boxes

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