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Garden Decor  "Sites I Like"

The birds in your garden will appreciate a hand painted functional birdhouse, whether you choose the outhouse design or the castle! These are just a few of the creations of Sherry Gaffney who really enjoys decorative painting.

If some iron work is needed in your garden, such as benches, archways and railing, Ruben Irons creates wonderful contemporary hand-forged iron work.

To enjoy your garden to its fullest, you will need somewhere to sit and relax, or enjoy a meal. Outdoor cedar furniture is a good choice as it is lightweight, cool to sit on even in the hottest of weather, is resistant to decay, and its pleasant scent repels bugs. The Cedar Station product range includes tables, chairs and porch swings.

If you like to decorate with roosters, take a look at All Things Rooster. Their products includes address signs, wind chimes and flags.

My neighbours at YardBirds also have a rooster in their collection of garden decorations which they sculpt from steel and stained glass. They have many other designs including butterflies, dolphins and bald eagles.



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