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If you want some traditional blacksmith work in your home, Ruben Irons creates a wide range of home accessories, railings and sculptures.

Sherry Gaffney really enjoys decorative painting and creating family heirlooms. She has a large range of hand painted wooden products for the home and garden, and does custom designs too. If you need a custom mirror frame, Sherry is the lady to talk to.  There are many beautiful designs on the website that she has created in the past for other customers. Her range of handpainted children's furniture is handcrafted by her husband Bob, and includes a Potty Chair which is sure to help with toilet training.

Over at Historical Ink, Kay has an extensive portfolio of maps of New York and New England. These affordable reproductions of nineteenth century publications, from Pennsylvania to Maine, will be of great interest to anyone with a curiosity about the past, especially genealogists who want to better understand the lives their ancestors lived.

If you like unusual handcrafted furniture, Emily Palm makes some wonderful shelves and etageres using local hardwoods and maple branches which have had the bark peeled off. She achieves a look which is a quirky blend of rustic and artistic, but most definitely something that will catch the eye.

Have you ever considered using a mobile as an item for home decor? I have to admit that I had always thought of mobiles as something made for babies, but to Rick Bissell they are an art form. Rick works with steel wire, aluminum and acrylic enamel to produce some truly striking sculpture that must be absolutely captivating when in motion. Check out these hanging mobiles and stabiles from The Mobile Factory.

If your home decor includes roosters, then be sure to check out All Things Rooster. Their products include cutting boards, welcome plaques and a checkbook cover. For those who like to make their own crafts, All Things Rooster has some patterns for you.

When its time to decorate for the Christmas season, what could be better than an Old World Santa? Bill Apelian is the craftsman behind The Linden Wood Studio where he works with basswood and oil paints to create collectible heirloom Santas. This website is very nice and has some beautiful photos of Bill's work.


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Complement your decor with a striking display of dried grasses in one of these handcrafted weed pots.
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