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Keeping Warm in Winter  "Sites I Like"

This weekend we have seen temperatures down to -19C/-3F here on the north shore of Nova Scotia, and that is without the wind-chill factored in. So I thought I would dig around a bit and see what ideas I could find on the internet for keeping warm in these frigid winter temperatures.

I didn't have to look far, because just down the road from me is the Lismore Sheep farm and Wool Shop. They carry a range of woolen socks, mittens, hats and sweaters,  all hand knit by local knitters using yarn from the farm.

For a more hi-tech approach to winter warmth, take a look at these hand warmers from Toasty Hands. Charge the chemical pack by boiling in water, then when you are outside and feel chilled all you do is flex the pack and it warms up.

And don't forget the baby in your life. These personalized blankets and pillows are made by Carol Armstrong from micro fleece which is wonderfully warm and soft. They are trimmed with satin and finished with beautifully personalized embroidery. For larger kids, Carol also makes monogrammed scarves and hats.

Keep warm this winter!



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