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Woodturners'  "Sites I Like"

In choosing these links I have looked for both inspirational woodturnings and well designed websites. Enjoy!

Dunn to a Turn - High end wood turned vessels from woods native to Eastern Canada.

Mario Cliche - Artisan tourneur, Québec, Canada.

Robbie Graham - These inspirational pieces are a unique blend of woodturning and sculpture. New Zealand.

Steven Kennard - Boxes, candlesticks and an occasional bowl for good measure. Nova Scotia, Canada.

Wood Turned Dreams - bowls and hollow vessels by Sean Troy of Kentucky.

Gary Scarpulla - online woodturning gallery.

Mason Collection Artist Index

Turning Wood Into Art - a multimedia presentation on Design, Material Esthetics, Process and Image, Storytelling and Tree Life. Part of the Mason Collection at the Mint Museum of Craft and Design.

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