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Woodturning  "Sites I Like"

Tips & Techniques

Introduction to Woodturning - an e-book for beginners.
Turning Tagua Nuts
Setting up a Vacuum Chuck
Turning Green Wood
Using a firmers gouge as a shear scraper
Segmented bowl turning - Software, hints, plans and resource directory.

Tips from 'More Woodturning'
Around The Woods - wood turning tips, techniques and projects.
The ToolRest - my very own blog for woodturners.


A brief history of woodturning - by Michael Hofius
A Short History of Woodturning with the Pole-lathe - by Brian G. Howarth
Ornamental Turning History


'Woodturning' - by the Guild of Master Craftsmen, UK
'More Woodturning'
- a newspaper for woodturners.

Related expert resources:

Google > Arts > Crafts > Woodcraft > Woodturning
The woodturning reference and information site
rec.crafts.woodturning - Newsgroup archives at Google Groups
Turning & Talking - e-mail discussion group
Woodturning Online Forum - bulletin board discussion group
Woodturning Articles - extensive links from Woodturning Online

Woodturners - some of the best woodturners with websites.



Find out what is happening in the studio and learn more about the craft of woodturning.

Contents list and search engine.

Past Work
Some of my unique designs which have now found a good home.

Visit Seafoam Woodturning Studio
On the Sunrise Trail, Nova Scotia

My blog for woodturners, about woodturning. Tips, links, news and inspiration.


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