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"Wine Country Weddings"

A wedding hosted at a vineyard in wine country is an event that you and your guests are unlikely to forget. An outdoor ceremony surrounded by flowers and greenery makes a romantic setting, the perfect place for guests to gather and celebrate.

This directory is growing weekly and will eventually list many of the winegrowing regions in Canada and the USA where there are vineyards who will be pleased to host your wedding and make your dreams of an unforgettable wedding come true.

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Long Island wine country, New York
In just a few decades the East End of Long Island has become one of the world’s great vineyard regions. There are now 3,000 acres of vines and over thirty wineries producing world-class wines. Long Island's maritime climate and soil conditions are ideal for producing wines of exceptional quality, especially Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Riesling. A visit to Long Island offers the opportunity to visit many wineries at the same time as enjoying the wonderful scenery, accommodations, food, and a wide range of activities.

Finger Lakes, New York
The Finger Lakes wine-growing region has more than 100 wineries which produce in excess of 100 million bottles of wine annually. On a volume basis it is the largest wine producing region outside of California. The wineries of New York's Finger Lakes produce virtually every variety of grape and vintage, including sparkling wines, Rieslings, Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Ice Wines.

Napa Valley, California
The Napa Valley's geography has made it one of the world's foremost wine growing regions capable of growing grape varieties from France, Germany and Italy. Some  wineries produce sparkling wines, ports, brandies and liqueurs.

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
The Niagara Peninsula is the best known wine region in Canada. The climate of the region is similar to Germany.


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